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coi rodo 

.i dei selcfika nalpavysmuni
.i dei selcfi ka nalpavysmuni

Looking at some gismu I found out that they seem to be composed of two parts - a cmavo and a rafsi of another gismu. Could this lead to ambiguity if they are run together in a string?
Here are some examples I doubt about (meaningful for the most part)

selckasu - selcka su
xu srasu - xusra su
mo srasu - mosra su 
selgrasu - selgra su 
selstasu - selsta su
selprosa - selpro sa
seldjica - seldji ca
le selckiku - le selcki ku
selclite tavla - selcli te tavla
ti selckape mi - ti selcka pe mi 
selcreka taxfu - selcre ka taxfu
le pa greku - le pagre ku
da spoja jelca - daspo ja jelca

In oral speech these could be distinguished by terbasna, but what if they are allowed to be *written* together?
Hope I'm being mistaken somehow.

mi'e selxar