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[lojban-beginners] Re: Greetings, and commands

Álvaro Vallejo wrote:
.uinai .u'u mi puzu na spuda

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 07:20:05PM -0600, Bodeen, Gabe wrote:

My name is Gabe
(.i lu mi'e geib. li'u se cusku mi bau la lojban.) and I'm working
through Nick's and Robin's lessons in between homework.

If you are using this lessons, maybe you could be interested on an
application I developed to help learning Lojban. Besides a (Lojban ->
English and up to certain extent, English->Lojban) dictionary, you will find
flashcards to learn each lesson vocabulary of this course. I've typed up to
lesson 9, more when I have time to continue. You can find this app. at:
http://www.freewebs/lojban -> Learning stuff -> Lojban tutor. Hope it helps.

Cool - now I might be able to learn the words I put in my book ;-). Apart from all the new vocab that Nick put in, I've forgotten most of the words I included. I find I remember the grammar of languages pretty well, but vocabulary just goes out of my head if I'm not using it.

I'm downloading it now (ta'o, it's www.freewebs.com/lojban ). I hope I can get it to run under wine, as having to reboot into Windows would be a considerable disincentive to doing vocabulary practice.


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