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[lojban-beginners] Greetings, and commands


My name is Gabe (.i lu mi'e geib. li'u se cusku mi bau la lojban.) and I'm working through Nick's and Robin's lessons in between homework.
The previous, poorly worded sentence brings me to my first question.  How is best to indicate possession by multiple people, or multiple sumti?
"le mensi joi bruna ku pe me" is my guess.

Also, I'm curious about commands.  I assume it's acceptable to add a number to commands:
.i reko klama vi

 to make it more obvious whom the commands are addressed to.  What are the recommended ways to express 1st- and 3rd-person commands?  I liked the idea of adding a word to a sentence to make it into a command, in the same way that 'xu' makes a sentence a question.  Can Lojban do that, too?

Corrections and explanations very much desired!