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[lojban-beginners] Re: My name/pronounciation

lojban@65536.org wrote:
> My name is Jens Gutzeit and I know I can say something like
> me'e .iens. gutsait.

I think you're looking for {mi'e}, not {me'e}.

> But Gutzeit means something like "good time". I'm not willing to wait
> until I can tranlate it myself, so how do you say
> me'e .iens. "good time"
> in Lojban?

My guess: {mi'e .iens. xaurtem.} or {mi'e .iens. xagytem.}

Both from {xamgu temci}, which is literally "good time". (The idiom might be
wrong, though. Don't trust me.) {xamgu} has rafsi {xag} and {xau}, and
{temci} has rafsi {tem} and {tei}, of which the first conveniently ends in a

(Though I'd like to point you to
http://higbee.cots.net/~holtej/klingon/faq.htm#2.3 . Yes, it's primarily
about Klingon, but the point is valid for any language IMO)

mu'o mi'e filip.
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