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[lojban-beginners] Re: Robin's Tagline

coi filip.

coi .ian do cusku di'e
.i ki'a lu cridrnoma li'u
.i xu lu cridrnoma li'u fu'ivla

.i go'i .i zo cridrnoma cu fu'ivla fi le glibau zoi gy. gnome .gy.

From the place-structure of "valsi", shouldn't "zoi gy. gnome .gy" not go into the X2 place of fu'ivla instead of into X4?:

.i zo cridrnoma fu'ivla zoi gy. gnome .gy le glibau

I wonder if there shouldn't actually go an abstract cmavo (e.g. du'u) in front of the "zoi gy. gnome .gy"

(My attempt to say "Yes -- 'cridrnoma' is a fu'ivla copied from the English
word 'gnome'.")

(Question: Are both of {.i xu lu cridrnoma li'u fu'ivla} and {.i xu zo
cridrnoma fu'ivla} equally acceptable?)

I don't see how any of the two would be less acceptable, well except "zo" is just much more elegant.

co'o mi'e .ian

No need to say goodbye quite so soon! :)

If I close with "mu'o" instead of "co'o" , does this imply I should leave out "coi" in my next mail (unless I greet someone I have not specifically greeted yet)?

But when it is meant to emulate the iMac commercials

It's not :) http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1192835 is one
explanation of where it came from, IIRC.

Oh, now that I've been reading this summary, I start to remember that episode.
.ita'eku mi sipybi'o ca lenu mi catlu la nanpankas.

Is "cridrnoma" a loan-word (about something related to fairies)?


.i.o'aru'e mi pu smadi

mu'omi'e .ian.

Jan Pilgenroeder
Theaterstr. 59
52062 Aachen