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[lojban-beginners] Re: Robin's Tagline

coi .ian do cusku di'e
> .i ki'a lu cridrnoma li'u
> .i xu lu cridrnoma li'u fu'ivla

.i go'i .i zo cridrnoma cu fu'ivla fi le glibau zoi gy. gnome .gy.

(My attempt to say "Yes -- 'cridrnoma' is a fu'ivla copied from the English
word 'gnome'.")

(Question: Are both of {.i xu lu cridrnoma li'u fu'ivla} and {.i xu zo
cridrnoma fu'ivla} equally acceptable?)

> co'o mi'e .ian

No need to say goodbye quite so soon! :)

> But when it is meant to emulate the iMac commercials

It's not :) http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1192835 is one
explanation of where it came from, IIRC.

> Is "cridrnoma" a loan-word (about something related to fairies)?


Recognisable, with a bit of experience, by the presence of a gism (my word
for a four-letter gismu root) + -r- "glue": crid-r-noma.

Specifically, it's a Type III fu'ivla.

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