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[lojban-beginners] Re: terkunra

Robin Lee Powell wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 10:06:03AM +0100, Newton, Philip wrote:
> > Can {terkunra} be used for locations producing things other 
> > than metal ore?
> Seems that way.
> > Is an oil well a {ctile terkunra} as well as a {selctile}?
> > 
> > Are diamonds (jarjme? rairjarjme?) found in {terkunra} or only in
> > {terjemna}?
> Same questions; yes.
> > What are the restrictions on the {kunra} ("mineral/ore of type/metal
> > x2") that come from a {terkunra}?
> You've just listed them.  8)


By "them" (the restrictions that I supposedly listed) do you mean the bit
about "mineral/ore"? Because diamonds (AFAIK) aren't minerals, nor are they
ore, yet you said they could legitimately come from a {terkunra}. And I'm
not sure what all qualifies as minerals -- I suppose oil would, but what are
the limits?

(The reason I asked, as you might have found out by now, was that I wanted
to talk about a {cirla terkunra} and wasn't sure whether that was an
appropriate word to use.)

So I'm still not really much clearer than I was previously.

mu'omi'e filip.
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