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[lojban-beginners] Re: Intonation of xu (was Re: (no subject))

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 12:13:17 +0100 
"Newton, Philip" <Philip.Newton@datenrevision.de> wrote:

> coi .ian. do cusku di'e
> > .i.e'u ko troci tu'a la jbofi'e .i.o'acu'i mi ta'e pilno ri lepu'u 
> > cipra pu mi gubyternoi
> Maybe you should use it a bit more :)
> "I habitually use it for the purpose of (the <process-of [testing
> before me]>-type-of public-message-author)" looks a bit strange to me.
> Things aren't grouping the way you probably intended them to.
> I'm not too hot on pu'u (nor grammar in general), but maybe you want
> something more along the lines of {mi ta'e pilno ri lepu'u cipra kei
> pu lenu mi gubyternoi} with an extra {kei} to close of the {le pu'u}
> abstraction and a {le nu} after {pu}?

Am I the only one that noticed his usage of "ri"? Doesn't "ri" mean the
last sumti? ie "mi pilno ri" would be "I use myself".

Or am I just way off my rocker?

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