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[lojban-beginners] Re: Intonation of xu (was Re: (no subject))

coi .ian. do cusku di'e
> .i.e'u ko troci tu'a la jbofi'e .i.o'acu'i mi ta'e pilno ri lepu'u 
> cipra pu mi gubyternoi

Maybe you should use it a bit more :)

"I habitually use it for the purpose of (the <process-of [testing before
me]>-type-of public-message-author)" looks a bit strange to me. Things
aren't grouping the way you probably intended them to.

I'm not too hot on pu'u (nor grammar in general), but maybe you want
something more along the lines of {mi ta'e pilno ri lepu'u cipra kei pu lenu
mi gubyternoi} with an extra {kei} to close of the {le pu'u} abstraction and
a {le nu} after {pu}?

I also like to use jbofi'e to test out sentences before unleashing them on
the world ;)

mu'omi'e filip.
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