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[lojban-beginners] Re: Intonation of xu (was Re: (no subject))

Am Dienstag, 04.02.03 um 01:39 Uhr schrieb Sam Vilain:

  mi ponse lo tolcitno minciska vi terdi.  zo'e ciska ko le pinsi.
I assume that's supposed to be two sentences.
I have the oldest adding-writer in the world.  Make it that something
writes you on a pencil!

Blast, back to the lojban lessons for me. I thought `minciska' might be a good word for `typewriter'. And that last sentence is supposed to be `it
types in pencil'.

coi sym.

.i.e'u ko troci tu'a la jbofi'e .i.o'acu'i mi ta'e pilno ri lepu'u cipra pu mi gubyternoi

This Parser on http://etud.epita.fr:8000/~poss_r/lojban/jboski.html really is useful for finding some of the bugs. It would not have helped you in figuring a better lujvo for "typewriter" but you would have noticed some of the other problems.

mu'omi'e .ian.

Jan Pilgenroeder
Theaterstr. 59
52062 Aachen