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[lojban-beginners] Re: Loglan

Robin Lee Powell wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 11:51:14PM -0300, Jo?o Ricardo Oliveira wrote:
> > Hi! I'm all new to Lojban. I would like to know more about 
> > Loglan and how it relates to Lojban. I understand they're
> > somewhat like Esperanto and Ido. Is that so? 
> Not really.  Esperanto and Ido are mushings of European languages.
> lojban and Loglan were designed from scratch to meet specific 
> scientific and linguistic purposes.

I thought his question was "I heard that Loglan : Lojban :: Esperanto : Ido.
Is that true?" That is, asking about the relationship rather than the
language itself.

And I think there may indeed be parallels -- Loglan (Esperanto) came first.
Some people didn't like the way the language was developing, so they started
Lojban (Ido), which is based on Loglan (Esperanto) but with some differences
in grammar and vocabulary.

But you are right that the origin of Loglan and that of Esperanto are rather

The full story about Lojban's relationship to Loglan is, of course, longer
than the simplistic description above. (I don't know enough about it to
answer. Maybe lojbab? Or do we have a FAQ somewhere? Ah, yes --
http://www.lojban.org/resources/faq.html#H3 addresses the matter briefly.

> > How they differ from one another? Is Loglan still being developed?
> Loglan is basically dead, and the materials pertaining to it 
> can only be gotten by purchasing from the Loglan institute or
> whatever it's called.

I believe "The Loglan Institute" is correct, yes. Their web page is at
http://www.loglan.org/ .

> Lojban is very much alive, and the materials are freely available.

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