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[lojban-beginners] Re: A problem with cu

coi rodo

Thanks for your answers. If I would recognize {nu mi cilre fi
la lojban.} in {lenu mi cilre fi la lojban. cu xamgu mi} as a
selbri the {cu} in this sentence would be clear. Let's see what
I understand with my little knowledge about Lojban. If I don't
use {cu} {xamgu} would be x5 of {cilre}. Then the sentence doesn't
make any sense to me. Now take:

{lenu mi cilre fi la lojban. (by a method x5) xamgu mi}

Just replace "(by a method x5)" with a good Lojban phrase. There
are no more places of {cilre}. Do I still need the {cu}?

Unfortunatly I don't understand the answers for my other {cu}-
problem with {lenu mi klama cu se tcika la daucac.} Probably
because I don't know what a tanru is (not yet!). Can I use the
following rule as long as I don't know it:

Use {cu se} instead of {se} when in doubt.

mu'o mi'e .iens. (Why is {mu'omi'e .iens.} correct, too?)