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more thoughts on computer jargon in Lojban

Perhaps `compile' should be `computer-language-translate' (the world probably
doesn't need a lujvo for computer-translation of natural languages, and if it
did the tanru `computer-translate' would be appropriate).

This would be sam + {ban,bau} + fanva. It doesn't look like there's any
useful reduction from `sambau fanva' here. In practice, we'd probably use
`fanva' in context.

This leaves us a problem -- how to translate `interpreter'? Perhaps this
is best rendered as `computer-language-proxy' (sam + ban[au] + {krati, ka'i})
Reduction and scoring of this tanru is left as an exercise (this means "I've
already done a bunch of these, someone *else* can burn eyeball on the Synopsis
this time).

Art Weiner just told me that he and some Loglanist friends came up with a bunch
of technical terms for computing years ago. Please post your results, Art!

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