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> Bob LeChevalier's list access is likely to be sporadic. His personal
> box is a Mess-Dos machine, and he is (unfortunately) a long-distance
> call from the nearest regular net access he's been able to promote,
> which is me.

la lojbab. pilno le zo .amrad. cmalu ke samymri skami goi ko'a .i ko'a
tavla le na dratu skami .i mi ba benji le samymri ko'a ti .i'i .i sete

> This is a simple, elegant tanru (`computer type of language' => sam +
> ban). But what should its place structure be? What sumti should it
> take?

zo samban stura du zo bangu stura .ia .i na di'u srera

> samymri  electronic-mail ... to ... from ... by carrier ...


> samjulne  computer network for purpose ... using carrier ...

di'u srera ni'i zo julne smuni le bukpu po finpe a cinki .i
cu srera ni'i le stura na mintu le stura zo julne

> Let's see some discussion on this. And...what about a lujvo for
> `electronic mailing list'?

zo samkarni .i le zo liste stura na mapti

mi ba mrilu le ti glico fanva .i di'u re djedi

mi gerna ca srera ki'u mi cnino la lojban .i'o