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Re: grammar

> The actor of gerna is that which "grammars".  lojban takes this to be
> the grammar itself.

Once I understand why that is, I will be well on my way to fully
understanding the language.  Currently, it's not clear to me why it
is the grammar which "grammars", rather than a person or a language,
or how to tell just what the X1 place is for all the other gismu.

I know I'm not supposed to categorize gismu into nouns, verbs, etc,
but I find that in the ones that seem to be nouns, the X1 place is
always (?) <X1> is a <gismu>.  With adjectives, <X1> is <gismu> seems
to hold.  And with verbs, <X1> does <gismu>, i.e. <X1> is a <gismu>er.

> .eirik. tideman.

You spell your first name differently than .erek. reimnd.

> "la simon. cu cusku lu ko zutse ledo skami li'u"

No, I refuse to sit on my computer.  Anyhow, I think his name is
spelled saimn.