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JL update and list maintenance info

Just a brief note to let people know that JL12 was mailed on 23 May.
This was later than I intended - I had a disk failure on my new machine
and had to rebuild the newsletter from scratch.  It's 94 pages net, so
be prepared for a lot of Lojbanic reading.  (Also, if your balance is
low, please help out.  We don't currently have the money to pay the
bill for this issue when it comes due.)
If you are planning to come to LogFest, the delay in mailing means that you
may not get the map enclosed in the issue in time.  My earlier net message
pretty much contains the other info about LogFest that will be in JL12.
So if you are planning on coming, and need map or directions, let me know
and I'll send the map first class so you get it in time.

Also, since some people are asking to be dropped from the list, and 
apparently aren't succeeding, you should send your request to 
lojban-list-request@snark.uu.net.  If you don't get satisfaction within a
few days then bug me, and I'll try to see that the list administartor gets 
to it.  My apologies if we haven't been too efficient in this area.

-lojbab = Bob LeChevalier, President , The Logical Language Group
 2904 Beau Lane Fairfax VA 22031-1303 703-385-0273