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responding to Guy Steele on tanru

Guy is probably somewhat correct on what will 'really happen', but we hope
that there will be a little less figurative, and more analytic in the
Remebering that a lujvo formed from 'blanu zdani' (lanzda) will have a single
meaning and place structure.  (zdani, by the way, covers nest/den/house)
The tanru blanu zdani also has a specific place struture - that of 'zdani'.  
Any metaphorical usage inconsisent with this place structure will be invalid.
In addition, the 'blanu' component also has a place structure, which clearly 
indicates that it covers things that exhibit the color blue.  Things that
do not exhibit the color blue are invalid, as well as things associated with
blue as a result of a cultural tie, but which are not really blue.
The ambiguity of tanru lies in the many ways that the first term can 'modify'
or 'specify' the second term.  These ways,a re however limited.