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Re: help wanted ["arm" and "morning"]

> In any case, the Esperanto word for `arm' (`brako') is defined (in Plena
> Ilustrita Vortaro, which is not official, but widely used) more or less as `one
> of the upper limbs', which indeed seems to evade the question somewhat.
> However, in PIV's definition, two segments of the arm are defined as the femur
> and the radius/ulna, with no mention of the hand, so the strong implication is
> that the hand is omitted.  Sorry; I do not have a copy of Plena Vortaro, the
> official dictionary.

I have the Plena Vortaro, 3rd edition (1947)... is that recent enough to
be official?

arm [brako]: (1) the upper limb of a human
		 [la supera membro ^ce la homo]
	     (2) part of that limb from the shoulder to the elbow (!)
		 [parto de tiu membro ekde ^sultro ^gis kubuto]
	     (3) part of an object that extends to the side like an arm.

There is a separate word for forearm (anta^ubrako), defined as "part of the
upper limb from the elbow to the hand, but under "brako" no mention of yet
another word for the upper arm.

> The word for `morning' (`mateno') is specifically defined in PIV as the time
> between sunrise and noon.

Same definition in the "Plena Vortaro".

	Jim Gillogly