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times, dates, images, and S-W

"Arthur W. Protin Jr." (GC-ACCURATE) <protin%PICA.ARMY.MIL@munnari.oz> writes:

>   [regarding] conventions for time and date representations [as
>   discussed by] John Hodges & Bob
>   [...]
>   [methods] I currently use for representing dates:
>   [...]
>       (2) as year followed by two digit number of month followed by
>	   two digit day of the month as in
>	       900806  or 19900806

WARNING: This method will break badly in just 10 years. Is 010202
01 February 2002, 01 February 1902, 02 February 2001 or 02 Febraury 1901?

YOU have a convention of yymmdd, but there is nothing which makes
that obviously better than ddmmyy. Which you are using is only obvious
in those years when yy>31.

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