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times, dates, images, and S-W

dave@PRC.Unisys.COM writes:

>   A big advantage is that numerical sorts work just fine.

>   [defending his suggestion for date layout]
>   Another advantage is that it doesn't favor either American-style dates
>   (mm/dd/yy) or British-style dates (dd/mm/yy)

No, it favors Japanese-style dates yymmdd or yy.mm.dd

>   it's more logical than either, and it can be equally easily explained
>   to members of both groups.

The American method mirrors the way we pronounce the date
	010290		January second 1990

The British method is ascending order of significance and the Japanese
descending order of significance.

The British or Japanese seem more 'logical' (I hate using that word in this
group) to me but ease of computer sorting is not enough of a tie-breaker
for me to say that the Japanese way is a clear winner.

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