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net back up, etc.

In case eric hasn't announced it yet, we're back up.  eric spent a month
in Europe, and forgot to tell us that he was turning off snark.  If you've
tried to send anything since roughly July 15, it might be worthwhile to 
resend it - I have only 2 messages after that date until the last day or so.

John Cowan informs me that there has been a lively discussion of Sapir-
Whorf on sci.lang, and he's archiving it for me.  I'll look at it, and
possibly comment later.  In response, John apparently uploaded an older
version of our brochure (with outdated prices, among other things).
I am having eric raymond post two messages for me on sci.lang, one to correctt
the error, and one giving general linguistic information about Lojban.
Comments from any of you are welcome; especially if I put my foot in my 
mouth, a frequent occurrance.  I want to hone the linguistic summary
so that we can enhance our academic respectability in the linguistic 
community, so please point out anythink you think I should mention that I have

Other news: JL13 and LK13 went out Monday 27 August. JL includes a copy
of the grammar baseline, indexed, and two sorted orders of the complete 
cmavo list prepared with the help of John Cowan (major help!)  If you
aren't on the list, I need a postal address to send it.  The entire JL
issue with enclosures is 98 pages, hence $9.80 price.  If you haven't gotten
stuff from us before, additional material will easily eat up $20.00
Our finances are awfully bad, so I can't send stuff free, though we give a
discount for prepaid orders over $20, which an initial JL mailing would be.

There will be a gathering here in the DC area October 20-21.  If you got the
map to LogFest in JL12 or LK12, same location.  Please let me know if you
plan to come.  There will be minimum scheduling; we'll be tailoring 
activities for the people who actually show up.  As with LogFest, people are
welcome to arrive early and leave late if coming from out-of-town, and we
have plenty of floor-space and a few spare beds.  We are asking at least $20
to cover food and misc. expenses for the weekend, though it may cost more
and we appreciate extra help given our near-bankruptcy (yes its that bad;
Jl13 was put off for a couple of weeks in order to save up enough to pay
the printer bill - we won;t go under, but may be cutting you off if you
have a very negative balance and do not contribute.

I'll send the 2 sci.lang messages in a separate transmission, since this
has gotten long.