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good work

I like the way you are handling Parmenter.  He's been on our list for 3 years,
and I knew he was supporting us, but I had never managed to get him to
actually say why.  It appears that he doesn't know as much about linguistics
as I was told that he did.  (He has the nickname 'Random', which is why I
was unsympathetic to est's touting of people called 'Randoms' on the net).
  I have some more detailed comments on things that have been said, which I'll
try to put together into a message.  I'm not sure that I got all the messages
though, so keep archiving.  I presume that we need to ask these people for 
permission if we want to use their messages in JL.  Your exchanges with
Parmenter and the couple of other comments on what he wrote seem like good
fare for the community.  Can you send messages to each of the contributors
asking for their OK to reprint?
  est seems to have dropped out - I'm getting bounces on his nyu address.
Can you check?  Did you ever talk to Nancy Thalblum (she's on the list via
Compuserve, but I haven't ever heard from her)?
  Keep it up. You know more linguistics than I do, at least from being able
to call Parmenter on his faulty assumptions.