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Thanx for posting mine, and dealing with the essential responses; I'm
just not fast enough (and on often enough) to keep up.  The one open
wuestion at the moment that needs answering (unless you did already)
is why Lojban is 'more relevant' to the question than studying
natural languages, or why a constructed language could even yield
meaningful data.  This one would be long for me to answer, and if you
can tackle it, you'll almost certainly do it shorter (and probably better).

arthur protin may be contacting you.  He committed to giving a talk at the
some New Jersey computer society for an hour, thought about tackling Lojban
and then decided he isn't up to an hour talk.  Might you be talked into it
if transport were arranged (Fri oct 12 I think he said)

His address is uunet!pica!army.MIL!protin