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[POD] Re: Level -1 doc.

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 08:20:59PM -0400, Logical Language Group, Inc. wrote:
> At 05:13 PM 8/22/02 -0700, you wrote:
> > > The consensus of the membership however was that, for the lessons,
> > > they wanted hardbound, or failing that for cost reasons, a
> > > better-than-Kinko's variety of print of demand, and Mark Shoulson is
> > > committee-charged with investigating companies that do that sort of
> > > thing.
> >
> ><nod>  He and I have already discussed it, and we think that
> >iuniverse.com should do the trick nicely.
> Hopefully he'll get around to telling ME this %^)  We may be making 
> decisions when Nick has his September two weeks for lojban.

Well, he's on this list.  8)

Short version: we are of the shared opinion that iuniverse.com is our
best option ($159 setup, about $10-15/book *retail*).  Basically at that
point we have to sell more than 100 books before going to a real
publisher and getting 1000 of them because even vaguely economical.  And
I *think* they can do order fulfillment.


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