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Re: number of alternatives?

On Wednesday 09 September 2009 21:49:32 Pierre Abbat wrote:
> The database doesn't exist yet. I posted a tentative tarmi of it a week
> ago. I can put it on my box for testing, but it should, I think, be hosted
> on the same box as lojban.org when it goes into production. What DBMSs are
> available there?

The database now exists. The attached file is valid in both MySQL and 

drop table preti;
drop table retygri;
drop table cipfihi;

create table cipfihi
(nacycme serial primary key,
 cmene text

create table retygri
(nacycme serial primary key,
 nilnandu int2, -- or real, or maybe several of these
 pagbu int2, -- which part of the test this goes in, e.g. 
 finti int references cipfihi,
 zgana int references cipfihi, -- Who reviewed the question group.
 jarco_namcu int2, -- Number of questions to ask. The number of questions in the group you can get by a count query.
 jufra text -- HTML in UTF8; may contain img tags.

create table preti
(nacycme serial primary key,
 retygri int references retygri,
 jufra text, -- HTML (in case we want to add italics or fonts) in UTF8 (in case we want to zoi-quote a foreign word)
 xo_tercuha int2,
 danfu1 text, -- HTML in UTF8
 danfu2 text,
 danfu3 text,
 danfu4 text,
 danfu5 text,
 drani char, -- A through E
 jufydrani text, -- for fill-in-blank questions
 cunpoi boolean -- true if the answers should be randomized