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Re: How many levels

> I don't think the name is all that important,

You'd be surprised, actually.

> I think one should be free to start at whatever level one chooses, or
> skip levels. If someone feels they can pass the level 500, they should
> not be forced to pass the level 100 first if they don't want to. Or do
> you want people who already know that a level 100 will be trivial for
> them to have to take it anyway?

Yes. How can we certify advanced Lojbanists on easy material if we
haven't tested them on easy material?  I mean, if you want to have an
advanced certification but lack an elementary certification, I suppose
you can, but that never occurred to me. Are you talking about us
granting an "honorary" certification of some kind? That's hardly fair.

We should avoid a lot of repetition in the tests. My level one
thousand certification should not have to repeat level 100 remedial
material to make sure that I know that range of the vocabulary as
well. I take the level 100 test first, and that's how we officially
certify that I know the material. Then I qualify to take the next one,
then the next. Think of it this way: In other words, it's one long
test that gets harder and harder until you can't do it any more, then
you know your level. Just like any game.

> I think we should count cmavo and gismu separately, because of the 100
> most frequent words only 18 are gismu and the rest are cmavo. I don't
> think a test based on that makes a lot of sense. Maybe a breakdown
> like 40 cmavo - 60 gismu would make more sense.

Yeah, I strongly agree. In fact, I'd agree to 30 cmavo - 70 gismu.
Either way, this formula should gradually invert around the 500th-word

When you are really handy with the forty most common cmavo and the
sixty most common gismu, you know a level important enough that, if
you are certified in it, that says something very important to
distinguish you from those who have just read "What Is Lojban".